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At Husa, we champion People Transformation alongside Digital and AI Transformation. Our aim is to empower individuals to unlock their potential in an ever-changing era, nurturing the human element alongside technology.

Our Vision

We envision a world where individuals and organizations break free from the shackles of their perceived limits. Our aim is to unlock the true potential that lies within, harnessing the transformative power of unbiased assessments and the continuous journey of lifelong learning.


Pioneering Competencies Assessment

We aspire to be the vanguard in the realm of competencies assessment. Our goal is to set the standard, leading the way in accurately evaluating and enhancing skills and abilities.


Empowering Through Education

In collaboration with educational institutions, we strive to amplify the skills of the workforce. Our mission extends to uplifting the capabilities of organizations and, in turn, elevating the prowess of nations.


Lifetime Career Development Partner

Our commitment to individuals is unwavering. We stand as a lifelong ally in career development, offering guidance, insights, and support every step of the way in their professional journey.


the Unlockers of Boundless Potential

We do more than just work in HR; we are rewriting its rules. Every day, we carry the mission of transforming the incredible potential of each individual and organization into reality.

  • Breaking the Boundaries of PotentialWith every tool, every solution we create, we open up a new world of possibilities and opportunities. We provide more than technology; we empower change.
  • Creating a Positive ImpactEvery line of code, every data analysis decision, is more than just work - it's a step towards an ideal working environment where efficiency and satisfaction shine together.
  • Contributing to SocietyAt Husa, our actions go beyond improving businesses. We are creating long-lasting impacts, contributing to the sustainable development of the entire community.

At Husa, we don't just believe in potential - we make it a reality. Every day, we work not only to innovate the HR industry but also to transform the world around us.


the Adventurers in the Land of Creativity


the Persistent Pursuers of Passion


the Cultivators of Gratitude and Connection


the Creators of Connection and Transparency

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Phone number: 093.870.0587
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L17-11, 17th floor, Vincom Center Building, 72 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
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