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The Problem

80%of businesses worry about not being able to hire the right people.
70%of employees work in unrelated fields after graduation
The numbers highlight the necessity of a more efficient recruitment market.

Our Solution

Husa's Auto Growing Talent Pool is a revolutionary HR solution that automates the talent acquisition process,

saving time and resources for employers while providing growth opportunities for employees.


How It Works

Our AI-powered system automatically identifies potential candidates from various sources, including job boards, social media, and employee referrals. The system then engages with these candidates, providing them with information about the company and the position, and assessing their qualifications through online assessments.


Talent Pool Creation

Husa's Auto Growing Talent Pool begins with the creation of comprehensive talent pipelines based on your organization's specific needs and requirements. Those pipelines are constantly updated with new candidates as they become available.


Setup Online Assessments

Incorporate the use of online assessments during the hiring process as a means of securing highly skilled and competent candidates who are closely aligned with your organization's core values.


AI-Driven Matching

Our AI-driven matching algorithm analyzes your job requirements and matches them with the most suitable candidates in our talent pool. This ensures that you are presented with the most relevant and qualified candidates for each role.


Automated outreach strategies

Once our system has identified potential candidates, it automatically sends personalized messages to them and provides them with invitations to apply to your talent pipeline. This helps to ensure that the candidates feel valued and encourages them to apply.


AI-based fraud detection for online testing.

To be visible in your pipelines, candidates are required to undergo online testing that matches your standards. This streamlines the recruitment process and ensures that you are able to connect with candidates quickly and efficiently.


Enhancing skills for a second opportunity.

Those who did not pass the exams gain insight into the mismatch between their skills and company requirements. Our trainers offer customized courses for skill improvement and career alignment. After enhancing their skills, they can reevaluate themselves and apply your talent pool.


Benefits for Employers

  • Reduce Time and Cost of Recruitment
  • Access to suitable talent even before officially opening positions
  • Build a Strong Employer Brand with Measurable Metrics
  • Provides a continuous pipeline of qualified candidates
  • Improves employee retention by offering growth opportunities

Benefits for Employees and Job Seekers

  • Access to growth opportunities within the company
  • Efficient and transparent hiring process
  • Opportunity to showcase skills and qualifications
  • Have multiple chances for the favorite position at a desired company
  • Receive support wherever you have encountered a setback
Struggling to find qualified candidates?
Frustrated because job positions demand more skills than the market can provide?
Feeling disheartened with traditional recruitment services that don't yield competent candidates?
Try our Talent Pool building solution, where NEED meets AVAILABILITY.
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